Best Wiccan Dating Sites

Wiccan Dating Sites

For practitioners of Wicca, it can be hard to find a partner who understands. Wiccan dating sites are a great way to find partners who share your rituals, values, and beliefs. Many dating sites allow you to filter based on religious and spiritual preferences. There are even some created specifically for Wiccans.

We’ve looked at some of the top Wiccan dating sites on the market. These are our main recommendations.

3 Best Wiccan Dating Sites

#1. eHarmony


Although eHarmony is not primarily a Wiccan dating site, it has so many members that it is the best place to find other Wiccan people. There are millions of registered members, and the site gets more than thirty million hits every month.

eHarmony also has one of the most comprehensive matching systems on the market. Before your profile goes live, you’ll complete a questionnaire that has a whopping 70 questions. This will narrow down matches based on your preferences, background, interests, and spirituality.

Every day, you’ll be given a handful of personalized matches. You can look at these profiles for free. If you discuss your lifestyle and spirituality preferences, you can be assured that your matches will have pagan or Wiccan leanings.

If you get a premium membership, you can message people. You can also use the search feature to narrow down your matches based on age and location. This makes it a lot easier to find people who are close to you and who share your life experience.

Since you can look at your matches without paying, you might fill out your profile and view your matches to see whether the membership is worth it. Memberships are paid on a monthly basis. If you buy several months at once, you’ll receive a steep discount when compared to the usual monthly rate.

You can also look for matches outside of your preferences if you have the right membership level. But you might have trouble finding other Wiccans in this way.

Ultimately, this is our top pick because it does all the hard work for you. The most time-consuming part is filling out your profile survey. Once you do that, all you have to do is sit back and relax.


  • The site has one of the most active userbases in the world, with tens of millions of hits every single month.
  • The matching system shows you hand-picked profiles based on compatibility, so you can easily find other Wiccans and pagans.
  • You can view the profiles of your matches and send them site-generated questions for free, though you do need to pay for back-and-forth messaging.


  • Since the site isn’t specifically built for Wiccans, you’ll need to be very specific in your spirituality and religious preferences.

#2. Elite Singles

Elite Singles

Elite Singles is another website that isn’t specifically built around Wicca. But if you’re an educated professional looking for someone who shares in your spirituality, there are millions of members who might be interested.

One of the most attractive features of Elite Singles is the personality test. This test, formulated by psychologists, analyzes your entire personality to help you find compatible matches. In addition to your hobbies, spirituality, likes, and dislikes, the test will also assess your communication style and how you deal with conflict.

Once you fill out the questions, you’ll be presented with a full personality analysis. This will then be used to match you to other people. You’ll be able to see their personality analyses as well.

Every single day, you’ll get new match recommendations. These might involve Wiccans in your area who share your interests and relationship goals. Since you don’t have to sift through different profiles, you’ll find a potential partner much faster.

There is also an Advanced Search feature that lets you filter your recommendations much more thoroughly than eHarmony. You can filter based on things like location, age, whether they want children, level of education, physical appearance, income, and even how often they drink.

This ability to filter based on lifestyle makes it much easier to find people who live the kind of life you want. It also makes it easier to find people who are serious about the future.

Another feature is the “Have You Met?” tool. This allows you to look at the highlights of people’s profiles and tap a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ icon, similar to the swiping setup used by Tinder. If you get a Premium membership, you can use Wildcard matches to view 20 extra profiles of people who you might not have considered dating originally.

Also available on the website is a magazine that features dating advice compiled by the editors. It has tips for online dating, relationship insights, and other important information.


  • You can meet educated professionals who share your interest in Wicca, paganism, witchcraft, or other components of spirituality.
  • The personality analysis tool helps you find compatible matches, with new hand-curated matches every day.
  • The “Have You Met?” feature lets you quickly swipe through different profiles to see who you might be interested in at a glance.


  • The number of Wiccan users might be relatively limited when compared to some other sites.

#3. Dating Wiccans

Dating Wiccans

Dating Wiccans is a community that was first established in 2015. You only need to give a few pieces of information to sign up. All you have to do is pick your gender, the gender you’re looking for, your zip code or city, and your birthday. Then it’s possible to customize your profile with more details and photos.

One of the biggest positives of this site is that you can look for matches, receive messages, and communicate with other people without spending a dime. Since you already know that your potential matches share your belief system, you can focus on more in-depth things like hobbies and goals for the future.

In addition to Wiccans, the website is also open to druids, shamans, pagans, and anyone else who practices a nature-worshiping European religion.


  • The site is completely free to use, including looking at profiles and sending messages.
  • Signup is quick and simple, requiring nothing except age, gender, gender preference, and location.
  • Everyone on the site is of pagan or Wiccan faith.


  • There isn’t a compatibility matching system, so you have to sort through profiles yourself.

Final Thoughts

eHarmony is one of the top recommendations because of how many active members there are. The site has tens of millions of visits every single month. Since the matching system is so in-depth, you’re bound to find Wiccans, witches, and other spiritual people who share your relationship goals.

Elite Singles is a great choice for educated and high-career professionals who want to meet people who share their spirituality. It can be difficult to find highly educated people who are interested in Wicca, so this site helps. Like eHarmony, this website uses a compatibility matching system to show you people who match your preferences and desires.

For a website that caters exclusively to Wiccans and pagans, Dating Wiccans is a great place to start. You can browse people’s profiles and send messages completely free of charge, so you don’t have to worry about the expenses that come with more mainstream sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wicca?

Wicca is a religious movement mostly found in Western countries. Practitioners of Wicca worship nature and practice witchcraft. The movement first gained traction in the UK during the 1950s, and it has since spread to encompass the US and large amounts of Europe.

Practitioners of Wicca believe in following practices based on the pagan traditions in western and northern Europe. These traditions were largely eradicated following the spread of Christianity. The level of accuracy that Wicca has when emulating these traditions is debated by historians.

Wicca practitioners often belong to covens. These local groups are made up of anywhere from 10 to 15 members. People generally follow a certain initiation ritual to join a coven. Different covens might belong to different local or international associations.

There are two initiation degrees for coven members who practice magic and go through traditional rituals. To enter the priesthood, coven members must go through another degree of initiation.

There is some variation among Wiccans in terms of practices and beliefs. However, the basic beliefs and practices tend to be the same. Wicca is based around the Wiccan Rede, which is a code of ethics stating that any actions that do no harm shouldn’t be judged or interfered with.

Wiccans meditate frequently and partake in certain rituals over the year. They celebrate the solstices and equinoxes, as well as doing rituals on the new and full moon of every month. The rites of Wicca often include calling upon deities for help, practicing magic, and having ritual meals together.

Wiccans refer to themselves as witches. This term can be controversial, especially in heavily Christian communities. Despite ‘witches’ being a term associated with the devil, Wiccans do not practice Satanism or worship the devil. Instead, they have nature-oriented and polytheistic worship sessions.

How many Wiccans are there?

Wicca has only been practiced since the 1950s. At first, the practice was only popular in a few underground circles. In the past few decades, though, there has been an explosion in the religion’s popularity. It is especially popular in the US and Western Europe.

In the year 1990, there were only about 8,000 Wiccans in the United States. When a religious survey was conducted again in 2008, it was found that there were about 340,000 witches or pagans in the United States. Not all of these people identify as Wiccan, but a large subsection do.

There has been even more growth since 2008. In 2014, a study published by the Pew Research Center showed that anywhere from 1,000,000 to 1,500,000 people in the US identified with paganism or Wicca.

The UK has the next most significant Wiccan population. However, the population is significantly smaller in size than that of the US. In 2011, the government conducted a census that found that about 12,000 people identify as Wiccan in Wales and England.

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